NoFly WP


Targets: aphids, whitefly, thrips, mealybug, mites and other insect pests from egg to adult.

Active Ingredient:  Isaria fumosoroseus strain FE 9901, a naturally occurring fungus. When spores of NoFly WP come into contact with the insect pest they attach to the body and begin to grow almost immediately. Once the spore germ tube penetrates the host cuticle, fungal multiplication takes place through formation of hyphal bodies in the host hemocoel. The NoFly WP microbe mechanically disrupts the host’s internal organs and initiates tissue necrosis. This leads to lack of feeding, inactivity and eventually death.

Ideal for integrated pest management programs, safe for beneficial insects, 6 month shelf life when refrigerated. Microbial pesticide.

NoFly WP Label
NoFly WP Brochure (PDF)
NoFly Safety Data Sheet
NoFly OMRI Certificate

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