Protection Plus


Target Pests: Aphids, root aphids, russet mites, spider mites, whitefly, thrips, fungus gnats, soft-bodied insects as well as fungal diseases. 

Protection Plus is a FIFRA 25(b) exempt natural, oil free insecticide and fungicide that eliminates pests quickly without damaging plants. The oil free formula will never leave a harmful residue on roots or leaves.

Protection Plus not only controls pests, but its eco-friendly and safe formulation also kills plant pathogens including mold, fungus, and powdery mildew. It reduces biofilm on roots and keeps hydroponic systems clean. The result is healthier plants, robust growth and a higher overall yield. 

Protection Plus features some of the highest kill rates on the market for many of the most stubborn and invasive pests. Pests can't build immunity to Protection Plus's unique citric acid insecticide formula. Other ingredients include potassium sorbate, soaps and yeast which all work synergistically. 

Because Protection Plus is eco-friendly, oil-free, and kills on contact, this strong insecticide can be used in all plant-growing applications. Commercial and consumer greenhouses, plant nurseries, vineyards, and more. 

For cannabis production, drench for root aphids at a rate of 2-4oz/gallon. 

Produced by Environmental Plant Management (EMP) who has been inventing unique, natural and safe products for more than 35 years. A safer world for everyone. 

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