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Targets: aphids (including root aphids), whiteflies, leafhoppers, thrips, psyllids, lace bugs, spider mites

Primary ingredient: Pyrethrin and Beauveria bassiana strain GHA bassiana. The interaction between between Beauvaria bassiana strain GHA and natural botanical pyrethrins is synergistic. This combination results in multiple modes of action and pest control results comparable to those obtained when using chemical alternatives. BotaniGard MAXX is a new tool for IPM on a wide variety of insects and spider mites. BotaniGard MAXX is an excellent rotation partner with BotaniGard. When insect pressure is high, use BotaniGard MAXX for quick knockdown, then follow up with typical BotaniGard Controls whiteflies, aphids, thrips, spider mites, weevils and more Quick knock-down effect Multiple modes of action Pair with an adjuvant/spreader-sticker for best results. An excellent rotation partner with BotaniGard Compatible with many insecticides and fungicides.

0-day pre-harvest interval | 12-hour REI

BotaniGard MAXX Product Label (PDF)
BotaniGard MAXX Safety Data Sheet (PDF)
BotaniGard MAXX Tech Sheet (PDF)