Harness the Power of Kelp

Harness the Power of Kelp

Ascophyllum nodosum, Norwegian kelp or Rockweed has long been studied and utilized as a powerful plant biostimulant for horticultural crops. It’s an integral part of many organic fertilizer blends and especially important at formative times in the life of a plant (rooting, vegetative, flowering, fruiting). Using kelp products goes hand in hand with a good biological program.

Ascophyllum nodosum lives in the intertidal zone, a place of extreme variations in temperature, salinity and light. Seaweeds, as compared to terrestrial plants, produce different chemical compounds which assist in survival in these habitats.

The applications of different extracts of A. nodosum are repeatedly demonstrated to improve the growth and productivity of crops through various modes of action. Kelp can also increase a plants tolerance to abiotic stress (drought, salinity, temperature), improve plant defenses against pathogens, and enhance soil health.

Following are several kelp products that are available from Sound Horticulture. 

Stimplex is a liquid Ascophyllum nodosum PGR that triggers a plant response equivalent to 100ppm cytokinin. It improves growth and development of plants by working at the cellular level to modulate the production of naturally occurring plant hormones and activating pathways that increase stress tolerance, stimulate root growth, and improves nutrient uptake. This all leads to greater yields and better-quality crops.

Maxicrop® Soluble Seaweed Powder is a fully soluble kelp formulation (0-0-17) made from Ascophyllum nodosum. This seaweed from Norway is used as a supplement to a fertilizer program. A little goes a long way. This biostimulant is a foliar and a soil nutrient.  Great for hardening off plants, thickening cell walls, and assisting with plant and root branching, flower set and more.

Acadian Marine Plant Extract Powder is derived exclusively from Ascophyllum nodosum, and backed by decades of research with proven results on multiple crops. Applications throughout the season are scientifically proven to improve early plant development, aid in abiotic stress tolerance, and ultimately lead to increased crop quality and yield. Acadian soluble powder (0.5-0-17) is a great supplement for a balanced plant nutritional program. Known to improve plant health, increase growth potential, provide micronutrients and PGRs. Enhances stress resistance and recovery due to drought, salinity, and temperature swings. Naturally assists with root growth, nutrient uptake, yield, and hormone production. Suitable for foliar and root drench applications

Numerous researchers have proven the effectiveness of Ascophyllum nodosum, as seen in the graphic below. Have you seen the effectiveness of kelp applications? Tell us below. Harness the power of the sea and try a kelp product on your crops today!

Ascophyllum nodosum extract (ANE) improves the growth of several crops by different modes of action.



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