Spokane Community College

"At Spokane Community College Greenhouse, we strive to produce the highest quality plants while implementing biological pest control. We grow hundreds of different crops within a total of 6000 square feet. We rely on Sound Horticulture for supplying controls that we can rely on. The staff is always very helpful determining which choices are best for a specific IPM. After several years, our greenhouses have become healthier and customers  truly appreciate the efforts of our decisions."--Tyler Beasley, Spokane Community College, Spokane, WA

Mother and son holding Trichogramma cards on Flower Farm

"I learned all about Sound Horticulture this year through a wonderful small Zoom session Alison was holding with some of my local plant friends. Immediately I knew my son and I had to chat with her personally. I own a small seasonal cut flower farm in Mount Vernon, WA and my eldest son, age 11, is obsessed with insects and has been from a very young age! I call him my entomologist in the making. Alison came out to the farm, quickly identified pest issues and had a number of solutions we could try. We set out with a plan and my son and I have really enjoyed understanding every more about our environment! The insects we receive are healthy, active and making a noticeable impact quickly! We are so excited to continue working with Sound Horticulture as the farm grows and changes. Thank you Alison for being a go-to person with vast knowledge and a person my son can look up to!"--Jesalyn Pettigrew, Mossy Gate Flower Farm, Mount Vernon, WA

"Sound Horticulture has always been a reliable source for effective and holistic pest management products. And, more importantly, the Team at SH goes the extra mile to help troubleshoot garden issues, clarify use of any product, help create IPM planning strategies, and even consult on solutions for specific problems. I've been in the horticulture field for 20 years and Sound Horticulture stands far above the rest as the best source for products, knowledge, and support." 
Nathaniel Atterberry, Director of Cultivation

"We have been using Sound Horticulture's Strat mites for more than a year to control parasitic reptile mites in our Ambassador Animal snakes and lizards. Prior to using the mites, we had several, difficult-to-control outbreaks of reptile mites. Since we have been using them, we haven't had any further outbreaks.  This has saved us on labor and other costs associated with using conventional chemical treatment of the reptile mites. Thank you, Sound Horticulture!" ---Jennifer Pramuk, Ph.D., Animal Curator at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, WA, pictured with Anahi, our red-tailed boa constrictor. 

"I want to let you know that the compost tea from your supplies worked great this season!! I ran continuous batches most of the season and had great results. I foliar sprayed but mainly ran the tea into our T-Tape drip line using our EZ-Flow injector soaking each area about five times. I found that I needed less fertilizer and the corn, zucchini blossoms, basil etc...have all been vibrant and bountiful...Thanks!" --Bill Vingelen, head gardener, The Herbfarm Restaurant, Woodinville WA.

"I have been working with Alison and her team for 2 years now. Being a hydroponic greenhouse lettuce, micro-green, and cress grower, keeping pests nonexistent is of upmost importance. Since working with Sound Horticulture, as well as, Siebe Streekstra from Grow-tech, pests have been a nonissue (*knock on wood). " --Erik Powell, Produce Alive, Loomis, CA


"At Experience Organics Premium Cannabis Co., we could not be happier with the service, knowledge and dedication from the Sound Horticulture team.  Our I-502 Recreational/Medical grow is able to remain Organically pest free thanks in large part to the recommendations made by Alison, proprietor of Sound Horticulture, and her talented team.  We truly appreciate and highly recommend them!" --Team EXO, Benton City, WA

"When I was first approached by Sound Horticulture, I was still using chemical pesticides in my grow. Alison personally visited my facility several times and was able to help us transition to a fully organic pest-control strategy. Her experience and willingness to help and educate made working with Sound Horticulture an obvious choice. They always ship on time and are readily available to help with any plant health-related problems. In an industry where too many people guard their 'secret' practices, it is refreshing to work with someone so willing to share information. I would highly recommend Sound Horticulture to any gardener that wants to protect their crop." --Greg Mathews, LEEF, Blaine, WA

"Switching to a pesticide free IPM is scary for anybody, the team at sound horticulture got us on track right from the start with solid advice, dependable shipping and beneficials that arrived alive and hungry every time.  Since working with sound horticulture our IPM spending is down, plant health is up and labor needs for IPM are lower.  I would recommend sound horticultures practices to anyone in any agricultural operation seeking an alternative to chemicals." --Brian Schrader, Life Gardens, Ellensburg WA.

"Sound Horticulture has supported our growing operation over the last year with top-quality fresh beneficial insects. They have worked closely with our tight production schedule,  under a variety of evolving conditions to design a biocontrol program that truly fits our holistic system.  Alison's diverse growing experience has given us helpful perspective. Her expertise in compost teas came as a nice bonus to working with her company! Now, our system is dialed!--David Stein, RavenGrass