Ephestia kuehniella - Food Supplement for Orius and More


Food for Orius and other generalist predators. These moth eggs have been previously frozen to prevent hatching. They act as an important supplemental food source in the establishment of Orius, lacewing larvae and Dicyphus. 

Available as sterilized eggs in several sizes. Please inquire directly for pricing on frozen eggs.

  • Egg tabs should be placed at a rate of 1-2 per 1000 square feet. Each egg card comes with 30 perforated tabs. Replace weekly and concentrate the tabs in areas of predator release.
  • Use in combination with PredaLures to attract and retain local natural enemies. The provision of floral resources will also help increase the number of eggs that predators can produce, translating to increased predation on the pest population. 

Orders for Ephestia must be received by noon on Friday for shipment the following week.  If the deadline is past, please call us and we will help you find a solution ASAP. (360) 656-6680

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