VENERATE® products are microbial based and are powered by several active compounds that span different chemical classes. These compounds drive multiple modes of action which result in exoskeleton degradation and molting interference; control of the pests is achieved through exposure and ingestion of the product. With VENERATE’s multiple active compounds and modes of action the risk of insect resistance is greatly reduced.

VENERATE bioinsecticides can be used in conventional and organic systems as either ground or air applications, maximizing operational efficiencies. With an MRL tolerance exemption, a zero-day pre-harvest interval, and no limit on the number of applications, VENERATE solutions can help you meet your desire for residue-free crops and produce.

Venerate XC Product Label (PDF)
Venerate XC Safety Data Sheet
Venerate XC OMRI Certificate (PDF)

Venerate CG Product Label (PDF)
Venerate CG Safety Data Sheet
Venerate CG OMRI Certificate (PDF)

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