Amblyseius degenerans


Target Pest: thrips

  • Amblyseius degenerans is used for biological thrips control (typically in addition to Orius spp. and Amblyseius cucumeris or Amblyseius swirskii). Its dark color and high mobility make this predatory mite highly conspicuous on the leaves or in the flowers. It is often present in the flowers, quickly builds a strong population on pollen and hence controls thrips very efficiently in the flowers. A. degenerans is quite tolerant of low humidity. This is favorable in greenhouses with a dry climate, as is often observed during cold winter weather or hot summer weather. Moreover, this mite is non diapausing, and can therefore be introduced in wintertime without any problem.
  • Apply at a rate of approximately 800 per acre or .02 A. degenerans per square foot of crop canopy.
  • Amblyseius degenerans should be introduced as soon as it arrives. If short storage is necessary, a temperature of 10 - 15°C (50 - 59°F) is recommended.

    A. degenerans are best released in clumps at the end and middle of rows as females require repeated mating for egg laying. They will gradually spread out through all plants over a period of 6-8 weeks.

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