Targets: Aphids (including root aphids), some lepidopterans, thrips, whiteflies, leafhoppers, Colorado potato beetle, fungus gnats, mealybugs, and leafminers

Active Ingredient Azadirachtin 4.5%. Azatin®O is a newly formulated biological insect growth regulator used to control the larval stage of a broad spectrum of greenhouse and nursery pests. 

Azatin®O is OMRI listed and carries a 4 hour REI. It can be used for insect control on all crops such as ornamentals, vegetables, herbs and berries and in the greenhouse, nursery, interior scape, turf grass and in hydroponic growing situations. 

Insects do not survive the molting process to become reproductive adults. Death results in 3-10 days after application, but insects will stop feeding long before they die. 

Azatin O Product Label (PDF)
Azatin O Safety Data Sheet (PDF)
Azatin O OMRI Certificate (PDF)
Azatin O product information sheet (PDF)
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