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Big Foot Mycorrhizae


Mycorrhizae are beneficial soil fungi that create a symbiotic relationship with a plant’s root system and create root extensions called hyphae. These biostimulants spread to outer soils, optimizing water and nutrient uptake for the plant and improving soil health and efficiency. The mycorrhizal enhanced root system can increase the absorption area by 50 times!

Consider using this product with plants that are slow to establish, difficult to grow or experience drought stress. 

Big Foot Mycorrhizae differs from others in that they have replaced most of the traditional inert carriers found in other products with carriers that stimulate and promote the mycorrhizae. By combining the world’s most powerful mycorrhizae and high-performing ingredients as the carrier, Big Foot has mycorrhizae colonization levels that are unrivaled.


Big Foot Mycorrhizae Granular is perfect for transplanting, as it must make direct contact with the roots of the plant. Adding Big Foot Granular to your transplants will increase nutrient and water intake, lessen transplant shock and increase your plant’s fruit and flower yields. The Granular contains Endomycorrhizae, biochar, kelp, worm castings, and humic acid.

Big Foot Granular Label

Big Foot Granular Safety Data Sheet

Big Foot Granular OMRI Certificate


Big Foot Gold is the most powerful mycorrhizae on the market. Mycorrhizae increases your plants’ nutrient and water uptake with improved root growth and fruit and flower yield – all naturally. Big Foot Gold contains Endomycorrhizae--400 propagules/gram total (100 prop/g of each species) G. aggegatum, G. etunicatum, G. intraradices, G. mosseae, as well as Beneficial Bacteria (950,000,000 CFU/Gram Total) Bacillus subtilis 350 million cfu/gram, B megaterium 200 million cfu/g B.B. lincheniformis 200 million cfu/g, Bsimplex 200 million cfu/g. 

Big Foot Gold Label 

Big Foot Gold Safety Data Sheet

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