Circadian Sunrise


Targets: Powdery Mildews and other foliar diseases, Russet mites, Spider mites, and other pest insects

Circadian Sunrise is a horticultural spray oil that distinguishes itself by acting as an insecticide, miticide, fungicide, and biostimulant. Certified as a minimum risk pesticide, Circadian Sunrise is non-toxic to honeybees and can be used safely within 24 hours of a sulfur application.  Suffocates insects and mites without plugging stomates. Compromises cell membranes of air exchange in insects and mites.  Damages fungal cell walls.  Contains natural octopamine blocker to disrupt nervous systems of insects and mites. Vegetable oils feed the plant biome.

Circadian Sunrise Label (PDF)
Circadian Sunrise SDS Sheet (PDF)
Circadian Sunrise OMRI Certificate (PDF)
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