PredaLure is a pheromone lure that attracts and keeps beneficial insects in your crops and gardens, feeding on destructive insect pests and reducing the need for insecticides. These include lacewings (Chrysopa), lady beetles (Coccinella), various syrphids (flower or hover flies), Orius, Geocoris, Phytoseiulus, Stethorus and other beneficials.

Encapsulated in a controlled release packet, the propietary membrane releases effective rates of the attractant over time.  In an orchard, field crop, nursery, place PredaLure dispenser at crop height equidistant from each other or in "hot spots" where control is needed. Use one/fruit tree or 1/300 sq.ft. Rates may vary according to crop or environment.

2 pack longevity is 14-21 days

10 and 25 pack longevity is 60-90 days

Insectary plants like mustards or herbs, interplanted with market crops, provide pollen and nectar for natural predators and will also assist in maintaining beneficial insects in the crop landscape. 

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