Mycotrol WPO 1lb


Targets: Aphids, thrips, whitefly, weevils, mealybug, leafhoppers and more.

Mycotrol WPO® is a biorational insecticide providing pest protection in several crops. It controls adult and immature stages of many soft-bodied insects. Mycotrol WPO has the highest spore concentration in a Beauveria-containing insecticide. The unique mode of action helps manage resistance of insect pests.

Versatile as a stand-alone product, a tank mix, or as a rotational partner in an IPM program. Upon contact, the spores adhere to the host insect and use enzymes to attack and ultimately dissolve the cuticle that surrounds and contains the body cavity. As it grows, the Beauveria bassiana fungus will ultimately kill the insect pests. 

Mycotrol WPO Product Label (PDF)
Mycotrol WPO Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

Mycotrol WPO Technical Information (PDF) 
Mycotrol WPO General Brochure (PDF)
Mycotrol WPO Cannabis Brochure (PDF)

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