Beneficial Nematodes


Nematodes are small, non-segmented, elongated roundworms used to control fungus gnats, shore flies and thrips in greenhouses. Safe to use with no need for protective equipment or restricted entry interval, nematodes can be used alongside other biologicial control agents.

The most common nematode species used for pest control are Steinernema feltiae for fungus gnats and thrips, and both Heterorhabditis bacteriophora and Steinernema carpocapsae for shore fly. We also carry a blend for greenhouse use. See our available selection of nematodes here.

Unless using your nematodes immediately, store in a refrigerator at 40. Do not freeze!

When applying, use cool water, and do not apply during hot dry conditions.


Applying Nematodes (PDF)

Basic Biology and Application of Nematodes (PDF)

Nematodes for Greenhouse Pest Management (PDF)

Sierra Biological Nematodes (PDF)



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