Acadian Marine Plant Extract Powder *CALL TO ORDER*


$455.00 for a 44 lb. box, no online sales, please call to order. (360) 656-6680

The ultimate, proven seaweed extract for horticulture growers

Derived exclusively from Ascophyllum nodosum, acadian is backed by decades of research and proven results on multiple crops. Acadian is carefully formulated to provide a consistent product for your nutritional program with every drop. Applications throughout the season are scientifically proven to improve early plant development, aid in abiotic stress tolerance, and ultimately lead to increased crop quality and yield. 

Acadian soluble powder (0.5-0-17) is a great supplement for a balanced plant nutritional program. Known to improve plant health, increase growth potential, provide micronutrients and PGRs. Enhances stress resistance and recovery due to drought, salinity, and temperature swings. Naturally assists with root growth, nutrient uptake, yield, and hormone production. Suitable for foliar and root drench applications. Great alternative to SeaMac Lion or Maxicrop!

Acadian Powder OMRI certificate (PDF)

Acadian Powder WSDA Organic Certificiate (PDF)

Acadian Powder Product Label (PDF)

Acadian Powder Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

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