Adalia bipunctata


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Adalia bipunctata, or two spotted ladybeetle, is a generalist predator of aphids, psyllids and mites. Both larvae and adults will actively feed throughout their life. Adalia can be used on ornamentals, fruit and vegetable crops as well as in public gardens. 

Optimal conditions are 75-82F with relative humidity around 75%. A complete life cycle takes 16-20 days at 68F. Adalia bipunctata can consume up to a total of 100 aphids/day and adults live for 2-3 months. 

For light infestations release 5-10 Adalia/plant. Repeat as needed.

For heavy infestations release 10-20 Adalia/plant. Repeat as needed. 

For trees and shrubs release a minimum of 200 Adalia per 12 inches of trunk. Release in the evening and spray a fine mist of water on the plant prior to release. Disperse at the base of the plant and in lower branches. 

Ants may interfere with Adalia feeding as they may attempt to protect the aphids. Use glue barriers or ant lures to prevent this.

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