• Azomite is a naturally occurring product mined from an ancient mineral deposit in Central Utah that typically contains a broad spectrum of over 70 minerals and trace elements, distinct from any mineral deposit in the world. It is used internationally as a soil re-mineralizer for plants and nutrient-depleted soils. Azomite trace minerals have been reported to improve root systems, yields, and general plant vigor in a variety of field crops and garden vegetables. It is also used in blueberries, seed production, wheatgrass juice soils, row crops, and home gardens. Landscape professionals also use it as a maintenance product, and it can be used on lawns. It requires no mixing, is odorless, will not burn plants, and will not restrict aeration or water penetration. Since it’s 100% natural, Azomite is free of additives, synthetics, and fillers. It’s neither manufactured nor chemically prepared, and is OMRI listed for certified organic production.

    Azomite is available as granular 44 pound bags, as well as bulk one ton totes, pallets and truckloads. Please contact us directly for pricing on bulk orders.

  • Azomite Product Spec Sheet (PDF)

    Azomite Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

    Azomite OMRI Certificte

    Certificate of Analysis (PDF)




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