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Growing Solutions System500 is built to accommodate the large acreage operation. A favorite size of large scale growers and golf course superintendents, the System500 is built to withstand frequent use in a variety of applications to create a compost tea biostimulant.

All Growing Solutions Compost Tea Systems use a Fine Bubble Diffusion dynamic aeration process. Each aeration disc has 4,000 engineered perforations (1mm in size) that provide consistent air bubble size and velocity. The Compost Tea solution is thoroughly mixed by the Fine Bubble Diffusion aeration process inside the tank, eliminating the need for external agitation. This dynamic aeration process ensures maximum oxygen transfer efficiency, creating an optimum environment for reproduction of beneficial aerobic microorganisms. Each disc’s perforations self seal when the Compost Tea System is off, preventing back flow of Compost Tea into the air manifold.

We have selected the Siemens regenerative air blower for its long term performance in the field, high volume air output and reliability. An essential component to our Compost Tea System technology, this blower’s precision German engineering puts it at the top of its class.

This schematic offers an exploded view of the blower’s components, including the precision impeller design that provides unmatched air delivery volume efficiency.

Fine Bubble Technology aeration discs are found in all of our Compost Tea Systems. This aeration technology had been in use for more than 40 years in many applications throughout the world. The intelligent design of these discs help to realize highly efficient transfer of oxygen in the Compost Tea solution. The aeration discs are engineered with 4,000 1mm perforations with a one-way release air valve, a self-sealing design that prevents back-flow of any liquid when the disc is not inflated. The discs provide a high volume of aeration that creates a thorough homogeneity throughout the tank, eliminating the need for external mechanical mixing of the Compost Tea solution.

We designed our custom System500 aeration manifold with a team of high caliber engineers. This manifold delivers consistent air flow through its 12 Fine Bubble Diffusion aeration discs. This aeration design is extremely durable and each disc can easily be removed for efficient cleaning between batches.

The System500’s industrial stainless steel compost filter baskets are manufactured under rigorous quality standards. Incorporating custom engineered rotational molding technology, our compost filter baskets are extremely durable, designed for extended field-longevity and are at the top of their class in compost extraction efficiency.

Each filter basket houses the same Fine Bubble Diffusion technology as in our main lower manifold. The purpose of Fine Bubble Diffusion is two-fold: providing aeration with the compost filter basket to ensure homogeneity of oxygen distribution within the basket, and thorough mixing of the water and compost during the extraction process, eliminating the need for external mechanical agitation.

Conveniently mounted on the tank side wall, the operator can easily install for a production run and remove for ease of cleaning. In addition, each filter basket is equipped with a Banjo® quick-connect fitting and an individual air flow valve.

OMRI Listed for quality assurance and organic compliance, Growing Solutions Compost Tea Catalyst is a unique blend of ingredients formulated to stimulate diverse microbial growth during aerated Compost Tea production. Compost Tea Catalyst is a balanced nutrient source that significantly increases the biodiversity and growth of microorganisms found in compost. Available in five convenient sizes depending on your production needs.


    • Tank capacity 500 gallons/2000 liters
    • Aeration Fine Bubble Diffusion
    • Air delivery Siemens© regenerative air blower
    • Electrical 110V/220V
    • Tank/Stand UV stabilized polyethylene
    • Valves/Fittings Banjo® glass-filled polypropylene
    • Fasteners 18-8 Stainless steel
    • Weight 550 pounds/250 kilos
    • Dimensions 90 x 74 x 62 inches/228 x 188 x 157 centimeters
    • Brew time 24 hours

    Benefits of Compost Tea

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