Dacnusa sibirica


TARGET PEST: Leaf Miners

  • Dacnusa sibirica are an effective parasitic wasp of Leaf Miner larvae. Adults are small, dark, non-stinging wasps 2-3mm in size, females lay their eggs in leaf miner larvae (preferably the 1st & 2nd development stages) which serves as a host for their offspring. Dacnusa can discern between non-parasitized and parasitized larvae, increasing the rate and effectiveness of their parasitization. They offer good control in cooler conditions, making them suitable for Spring and Fall releases.
  • Parasitizes leaf miners at low prey densities and at cooler temperatures. Use Dacnusa when temperatures are below 68F and support with Diglyphus when temperatures are above 68F. Target crops are cannabis, tomato, gerbera and chrysanthemum. 
  • Adults live for about 2 weeks. During this period, a female can lay up to 90 eggs, which hatch within 4 days of laying. Dacnusa larvae mature inside the Leaf Miner larvae, the total development time from egg to adult is about 2 weeks at 72°F.
  • Introduce 3-5 sq ft. weekly until control is achieved. Release rates will vary depending on conditions.
  • Release immediately upon receipt. Open bottle and slowly walk through greenhouse as wasps fly out. Leave open bottle in greenhouse for the remainder of the wasps to exit.

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