Targets: Lepidopteran larvae

DiPel® is a biological insecticide containing the naturally occurring microorganism Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies kurstaki (Btk).  Globally, DiPel has become a cornerstone insecticide in many IPM programs as it offers high quality, cost-effective, broad-spectrum caterpillar control on more than 200 crops. The active ingredient in DiPel consists of an optimized blend of four potent Bt protein toxins and a spore. Many other Bt strains lack the volume and balance of Bt toxin proteins that DiPel delivers. 

DiPel delivers unsurpassed pest control for more than 200 different crops and protection from over 55 species of worm (lepidopteran) pests. Has no effect on Sawfly larvae, so correct identification of caterpillars vs. sawflies is imperative. 

No direct effects on beneficial insects

4-hour restricted entry interval (REI), the lowest allowed by law

DiPel is available in an emulsifiable suspension (ES) and as a dry flowable (DF) formulation.

DiPel DF Product Label (PDF)
DiPel DF Safety Data Sheet (PDF)
DiPel DF OMRI Certificate (PDF)

Managing Pesticide Resistance with DiPel (PDF)

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