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Galendromus occidentalis


TARGET PEST: Two-spotted spider mites (Tetranychus urticae), McDaniel spider mites, yellow spider mites, apple and pear rust mites, Prunus rust mites, blister mites, and European red mites (Panonychus ulmi). Not effective on mite eggs.

FOR YOUR FILES: Galendromus occidentalis Tech Sheet (PDF)

  • Galendromus occidentalis is a primary biological control agent of pest mites and is used to control mites outdoors for crops, orchards, vineyards, nurseries, and indoors for greenhouses, growing rooms, hydroponics, aquaponics, interiorscapes, and container plants. Adults are white, but once they start feeding they take on the coloration of their prey, usually red or brown. If possible, G. occidentalis should be used before pest mite webbing occurs. Once pest mites are established, a much greater amount of G. occidentalis is required to be effective.

    They are packaged on corn grits or vermiculite.

  • 0.5-1.5 per square foot
  • Gently pour predator on carrier corn grits and extension corn grits into a large jar and gently roll to mix. Gently shake predator and carrier onto the foliage of infested crops. For best results, mist the foliage prior to application so carrier will cling. G. occidentalis will migrate off carrier immediately and seek out prey.

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