MegaPhos is a high concentration of Bacillus megaterium strain HM87. This unique, and naturally occurring microorganism is essential for phosphorus uptake and availability in a variety of crops. Megaterium strain HM87 grows on the root system and colonizes the rhizosphere. MegaPhos produces several essential enzymes and secondary metabolites such as lactic acid, gluconic acid, citric acid, succinic acid, propionic acid and enzymes that chelate the cations (mainly in calcium) making phosphorus available in a soluble form that plants can incorporate.

Features & Benefits:

  • Contains high concentration of a unique beneficial strain of Bacillus
  • Solubilizes phosphorus that is normally unavailable to the plant
  • Can help cure phosphorus deficiency,
  • Increases crop yield and production
  • Perfect rotational or tank mix partner
  • OMRI listed and CDFA organic certified
  • Not phytotoxic
  • No residue
  • 100% water soluble - no clogging

Directions For Use:

MegaPhos can be used as a drench, liquid feed, irrigation, spray or seed treatment. It is compatible with fungicides, insecticides, fertilizers and biological stimulants. MegaPhos is 100% soluble and does not need constant agitation to keep it suspended in a solution. It will not clog machinery.

Soil Drench: Use 1-8 oz of MegaPhos per acre. Apply in the greenhouse, during transplant or through precision irrigation.

Hydroponics Systems: Use 1/16-1/4 tsp per gallon. Reapply each time nutrient solution is changed.

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