Mykos Gold Mycorrhizae


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Mycorrhizae are beneficial soil fungi that create a symbiotic relationship with a plant’s root system and create root extensions called hyphae. These biostimulants spread to outer soils, optimizing water and nutrient uptake for the plant and improving soil health and efficiency. The mycorrhizal enhanced root system can increase the absorption area by 50 times!

Consider using this product with plants that are slow to establish, difficult to grow or experience drought stress. 

MYKOS is RTI's branded arbuscular mycorrhizal inoculant. Averaging 3,000 spores per 50ml sample, MYKOS provides both the quality and quantity that plants require for an effective mycorrhizal colonization. The chosen Rhizophagus intraradices species is considered to be the most efficient, high-yielding strain of mycorrhizae produced. These MYKOS are fresh, pure and alive when purchased for your project and all agricultural applications.

MYKOS contains arbuscular mycorrhizae, a type of endomycorrhizae. These are found in the roots of over 90% of all terrestrial plant species. As mycorrhizal fungi grow, they form long threadlike networks of hyphae that become deeply embedded within root tissue and extend into the soil beyond the reach of the roots themselves.

Mykos Gold Granular is most often used as a biostimulant, incorporated into the soil medium or planting hole, at the earliest stage of growth. The mychorrhizae are then able to grow with the plants roots, greatly expanding the root network. Use in seed beds, under cuttings, blended into potting media or sprinkle onto roots at time of transplant. The goal is to create physical contact between the inoculant and the growing roots. The granular product is specially formulated to provide maximum benefits to agricultural and horticultural crops.

The Wettable Powder has a higher spore concentration and is convenient to mix with water and innoculate young plants. This allows for flexibility after a crop is planted. It can be sprayed onto bare roots, used as a root dip, drenched into porous soils, hydromulched, or blended into potting media. Use higher rates for propagation or high-stress circumstances. The goal is to create physical contact between the inoculant and the growing roots. Mykos GOLD WP provides significant biological benefits, helps conserve natural resources, and creates an environmental balance between soil, plants. and beneficial microbes.

We stock the very freshest mycorrhizal products. Store in a cool, dark place for up to two years. Please inquire for bulk quotes.

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