Neoseiulus (Amblyseius) californicus


TARGET PEST: Spider mites, Broad mite, Cyclamen mite

FOR YOUR FILES: Neoseiulus californicus Tech Sheet (PDF)

  • Neoseiulus californicus is a very versatile mite predator, similar to A. fallacis in cycle. It tolerates a wider range of temperatures and lower humidity than P. persimilisN. californicus are well adapted to high temperatures (up to 85-90°F/30-33°C) as long as relative humidity is over 65%. It does best in warm, humid conditions, but will also tolerate low humidity (40% – 80% RH at 50°-105°F). They feed on pollen and spider mites and survive well even when pest populations are low if there is a pollen source. 
  • 0.5-2 per square foot of crop canopy
  • Avoid releases in temperatures below 45° F. or above 85° F and during dry windy conditions. It is preferable to release predators in the morning while humidity is high and the soil is not hot. It is extremely important to release predators as soon as pest mites appear in the crop.

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