Nu-Film P


Primary active ingredient: Pinene (polyterpenes) Polymers, a-(p Dodecylphenyl)-Omega-hydroxypoly (oxyethylene)

NU FILM P is a superior SPREADER STICKER adjuvant with non-ionic properties designed to improve the contact, wetting and adhesion of pesticides onto the plant surface. NU FILM P forms a soft film, which polymerizes. This film reduces the effects of rainfall erosion, volatility and ultraviolet (UV) degradation on pesticide spray deposits. Under most conditions, apply sprays containing NU FILM P at least one hour, during daylight, before an anticipated rain. Sunlight, direct or indirect, for this time period is needed for the film to set.

Nu-Film P Product Label (PDF)
Nu-Film P Safety Data Sheet (PDF)
Nu-Film P OMRI Certificate (PDF)
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