TARGETS: Botrytis, anthracnose, mummyberry

Regalia Bio Fungicide Controls bacterial and fungal diseases on many species of turf and ornamentals. Regalia is rainfast in 1 hour so you can get important sprays out even in tough weather. Regalia strengthens plant immune systems.

Regalia Product Label (PDF)
Regalia Safety Data Sheet (PDF)
Regalia OMRI Organic Certificate (PDF)
Regalia WSDA Organic Certificate (PDF)

Regalia CG Product Label (PDF)
Regalia CG Safety Data Sheet (PDF)
Regalia CG OMRI Organic Certificate (PDF)

Regalia Technical Bulletin (PDF)
Regalia Product Brochure (PDF)
Marrone Products Small Tank Mix Guide (PDF)
Marrone Cannabis IPM Program (PDF)
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