Stethorus punctillum - Spider Mite Destroyer


TARGET PEST: Two-spotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae), European red mite (Panonychus ulmi), spruce spider mite (Oligonychus ununguis), Southern red mite (Oligonychus ilicis)

FOR YOUR FILES: Stethorus punctillum Tech Sheet (PDF)

  • Description
  • Rates
  • Release Instructions
  • Ordering InformationStethorus punctillum is a specialized spider mite predator in the lady beetle family. Adult beetles can fly and have an unusually good ability to find small infestations of spider mite. Best control of spider mites is achieved when S. punctillum is used along with predatory mites P. persimilis or A. fallacis.
  • 0.5-4 beetles per 10 square feet of crop canopy.
  • Stethorus are sold in small containers of 100 adults. They are shipped in shredded paper or other packing material to provide protection; mortality in these containers should be less than 10%. Once the beetles warm up they become active immediately and should be released into spider mite infested areas as soon as possible.

  • If necessary, beetles can be stored for a few days at 50-61ºF (10-16ºC) but longer storage without food will reduce egg laying and adult life span.   

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