Stimplex Marine Plant-Based Growth Regulator


For maximizing crop yield and quality

Stimplex is a plant growth regulator extracted from specially selected marine plants that has numerous benefits for plant health. Stimplex improves resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses, enhances overall plant health, and improves crop quality. This biostimulant helps increase nutrient levels, root growth, early plant development, fruit set and size, and yield.

    Stimplex Product Label (PDF)
    Stimplex Safety Data Sheet (PDF)
    Stimplex OMRI Certificate (PDF)
    Stimplex WSDA Organic Material Registration Certificate (PDF)

    Review article on the active ingredient of Stimplex- Ascophyllum nodosum-Based Biostimulants: Sustainable Applications in Agriculture for the Stimulation of Plant Growth, Stress Tolerance, and Disease Management. Shukla PS, Mantin EG, Adil M, Bajpai S, Critchley AT, Prithiviraj B. 2019.