ThermX 70


Available in one gallon containers, ThermX is a concentrated plant extract meal containing steroid saponin, a natural wetting agent that reduces surface tension. This surfactant enhances water penetration into the soil, subbing of beds, and drainage of excess water from the root zone

This natural compound is found in certain desert plants like Yucca. Steroid saponin helps these plants overcome the adverse growing conditions of the desert. When placed in the root zone, ThermX helps crop plants, trees and turf in much the same manner.

Under stress conditions, steroid saponin increases the plant’s ability to utilize water more efficiently, resulting in improved seed germination and stand establishment, increased water uptake, and improved fertilizer uptake. 

Larger sizes available to ship, please call for pricing and shipping estimate. 

ThermX 70 product label (PDF)
ThermX 70 Safety Data Sheet (PDF)
ThermX 70 OMRI Certificate (PDF)
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