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3-Way Blend Nematodes


TARGET PESTS: Active against a wide variety of soil dwelling pests. 

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  • 3-Way Blend contains the beneficial nematodes Steinernema carpocapsaeSteinernema feltiae and Heterorhabditis bacteriophora. S. carpocapsae is relatively sedentary and tends to remain near the soil surface to 'ambush' its host, whereas S. feltiae will search more actively through the substrate. This blend provides broad control against a variety of soil pests. 
  • A complete life cycle takes 12 to 15 days at room temperature. Media temperatures should be above 50F but not more than 80F. The nematodes enter the insect pest through body openings. Once inside they reproduce and release a symbiotic bacterium which is toxic to the host. The pests are killed within a few days and a second generation of infective juvenile nematodes exit the host and begin the cycle again. 
  • Entomopathogenic nematodes are supplied as infective juveniles, which are usually applied as a soil drench. Not all nematodes are alike. They specialize in which pests they attack and kill and are effective at different temperatures. Sf works in cooler weather, as low as 50F, while Sc works best between 72-82F.
  • Beneficial nematodes come in two forms. Sponges that are pre-inoculated with infective juveniles in quantities of 1 million, 6 million and 24 million. Generally, in a greenhouse setting, apply these beneficial nematodes at a rate of 1 million per 1,000 sq. ft. The sponge product has a completely unique application rate as the bacterial level is much higher because they are produced in vivo.

    Trays that contain 50 million or 250 million. Release every 2-3 weeks at a rate of 50 million/1100 sq. ft. or every 4-6 weeks at a rate of 50 million/550 sq. ft.  Use 30-50 gallons of water/1000 sq. ft. for applications onto soil or growing media.

  • Apply nematodes with a sprayer, injector, hose end sprayer or even a watering can. Plug trays can be dipped in a nematode solution. If using an injector, set the dilution to 1:100. It is important to remove all filters or screens (50 mesh or finer) in any spray lines so that the nematodes can pass through unimpeded and undamaged. Keep spray pressure below 300 psi. For every square foot you will need .66 gallons of water as the carrier. Saturate soil or potting media to a depth of 2". See Nematode Tech Sheet for further information.

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