Wheast, 1 lb.


Wheast provides a food source for lacewing adults. This helps them to complete their life cycle in your crop.

Mix one part of the food with an equal part of honey or sugar. Add water, slowly, until a thick paste is formed. It should be smooth and creamy like peanut butter. Paint this mixture on cardboard or wooden stakes and place in garden or greenhouse. Leave crawling spaces on stakes so the insects can feed without getting stuck on the paste. The best time for feeding is early morning, late evening and when making releases of beneficial insects. If you mix too much paste for a feeding, refrigerate the remainder and use within five days. Dry mix will keep well if protected from light and moisture. The mixture can also be diluted further with water for spray applications (use 1 quart per 4 oz. of food/sugar mixture).

This diet will also attract beneficial insects to your garden, so it can be used when you wish to encourage insects to remain in the area. This is especially helpful during dry spells.

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